Ever & Then 2

Ever & Then Global Treasures: Ronnie Sarnat

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Israeli designer Ronnie Sarnat through my friend, (Creative Director/Owner of the boutique Agas & Tamar on Mott Street) Eli Halili….

Well, she’s back in town and I was BLOWN away by her latest pieces, I had to share them here!

(It appears Israel is quite the hotbed for extremely talented up-and-coming designers!)

Ronnie’s work will be included in a group exhibition, curated by the well known artist Yehudit Matzkel, opening on November 19th at the Meirov Gallery in Holon, Israel.

(Holon is a city bordering with Tel Aviv which acquired the reputation of being a city of Art and Design).

I believe Ronnie Sarnat’s designs capture the viewer’s attention, because they not only carry a message (or homage) to the art of years bygone, but because they are literally pieces of art that are absolutely wearable (and desirable) for the bold and modern women of today! 

(Lady Gaga herself owns Ronnie’s work). 

To see my original post on Ronnie Sarnat see here: 














Photography by Oren Wecksler


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