Ever & Then

Global Treasures: Ronnie Sarnat

Downtown New York isn’t just a place. 

It’s a community.

Here you’ll find people of all walks of life, who appreciate art, fashion, literature, etc…

To put it lightly, and yet accurately, it is the epicenter for Global Culture in New York City.

Recently Eli Halili, creative director of Agas & Tamar, introduced me to the work of Israeli jewelry designer Ronnie Sarnat.

I was taken aback.

She’s a force of nature… a character you dream of meeting, but feel only exists in old Hollywood cinema.

“Ronnie selects existing elements and turns the ‘ready made’ into original artwork. In her creational process Ronnie uses a new, unique and personal language entirely her own.

Reviewing the history of jewelry of the last hundred years and more raises the issue of women’s work possibilities, as well as their occupational and social segregation.                                                                                                                  

Ronnie embraces often the artistic and designing qualities of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is based on images from

nature and Ronnie by their use makes a critical statement as to our relations with nature today. 
The element of desirability is part of Ronnie’s art, as jewelry ought to be. This is an element of artistic choice enticing the viewer to have a closer look. Only after repeated observation will he discover the critical nuances of the artist. Works that affect the viewer deeply yet do not spare him his own view in the mirror and the understanding that we are the ones who are destroying our own environment.

Ronnie’s artistic language walks on a thin line between expressive art and design.

Ronnie’s art works are a feast to the eye and a sensual trap, just like the creatures caught in her work; insects, butterflies and flowers.”









– Ever & Then

P.S. Lady Gaga recently used one of Ronnie’s designs during a performance, you can check it out at Agas & Tamar in their AMAZING window display.





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